Plastic Food Bags

Deli Bag 10" x 8" 1.5 Mil, Reclosable Bag, Printed,

Product Number: 001077

Available in: CASE

Deli Bag 7.5" X 7.5" +2BF .5 Mil, Saddle Pack, 2000/CS

Product Number: 001079

Available in: CASE

Microwave and Oven Bag 12" X 8.5", Printed Dual

Product Number: 001148

Available in: CASE

Pouches 10" x 10" 3 Mil, Laminated Poly-Nylon Pouch,

Product Number: 001043

Available in: CASE

Pouches 12" x 14" 3 Mil, Laminated Poly-Nylon Pouch,

Product Number: 001044

Available in: CASE

Bag-French Fry 4.5X 3.5" French Fry Bag 1M/bx-10bx/CS

Product Number: 602BAG

Available in: CASE

Bag-Sandwich 6-1/2 1-1/2 7-3/4" Jumbo Sand. Bag 2M/CS

Product Number: 510BAG

Available in: CASE

Bag-Sandwich 6X3/4X6.5" Grease Res. Sand.Bag, 1000/BX

Product Number: 508BX

Available in: BOX, CASE

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